Will My Teeth Shift After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

by TheGent7
will my teeth shift after wisdom tooth extraction

There are many myths about will my teeth shift after wisdom tooth extraction. A lot of people think that if their teeth will shift after wisdom tooth extraction will result in a change in their smile, but it is not true! One of the most common concerns with will my teeth shift after a wisdom tooth extraction is whether or not it will cause your front teeth to move forward and crowd your bite. We will discuss common questions surrounding dental concerns and when it comes to the wisdom tooth shift, there isn’t much cause for concern.

Will My Teeth Shift After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In short, no. The teeth may shift a little bit due to the lack of bone in that area but not by much. In some cases, it is more common for people’s mouths to get smaller after removal because there isn’t enough space for them anymore. If you have any additional questions about will my teeth shift after wisdom tooth extraction or would like a consultation with one of our experts please contact us today!

This isn’t something that you have to worry about as general wisdom teeth extraction doesn’t cause any major changes in the position of your teeth. If the wisdom teeth were really impacted, then there would be a possibility of a shift happening. Even then it is not a super common occurrence and tooth movement happens for a variety of reasons including but not limited to trauma outcomes.

After many years of wisdom tooth extraction, dentists have been able to share that there is not a significant amount of people who experience teeth shifting after the removal. The good news is that teeth shift can be fixed with braces or by wearing a retainer. So if you’re worried about your teeth shifting after a wisdom tooth extraction, don’t worry there are options!

In general, if you follow the post-operative instructions from your dentist, including taking antibiotics and other medication as prescribed by them then there isn’t a high chance of teeth shifting. And to minimize this risk, we recommend that you see your dentist before and after surgery so they can monitor any changes in your bite and help guide how they will correct any problems if necessary.

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