What Is The Reason Of Tooth Cavity

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what is the reason of tooth cavity

Tooth cavity is one of the most common diseases that affect your mouth and teeth, and it is common among people of all ages and genders. The tooth cavity ranks second after the common cold in terms of the most common and widespread diseases. Tooth cavity is the destruction, structural damage, and holes in the structure of the teeth, and the problem becomes even worse when it is not treated as soon as possible, and it develops to weaken the tooth more and more, and can lead to its complete loss.

How Do Teeth Cavity?

Tooth cavity does not happen overnight, but many factors combine to lead to tooth decay. For example, a tooth cavity occurs when food remains on the teeth without cleaning them, especially foods rich in carbohydrates. After that, the bacteria originally present in the mouth digest the food residue and feed on it, turning it into acids, and then these bacteria combine with the acids and food waste, resulting in the formation of sticky material called plaque that adheres to the teeth, especially the back molars.

The acids in the teeth dissolve the enamel of the teeth, and enamel is the outer layer that surrounds the tooth and consists of hydroxyethyl, and cavities begin to form small at first. After that, these cavities become an attractive place for germs to multiply, and they start to cavity more and more in the tooth until they reach the nerves and blood vessels and become very painful.

Causes Of Tooth Cavity

Many people think that the main cause of tooth cavities is lack of cleanliness and not taking good care of it, but this is not true. There are many factors that play a key role in addition to – hygiene of course – and among these factors, you eat foods that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, such as sugars, candy, ice cream, fruit, starchy foods, and sweet juices, because these foods actually help to cause tooth decay. In addition, bacteria in their various forms such as spherical contribute to increasing the risk of tooth decay.

In addition, malnutrition, especially during the formation stage of teeth – when teeth are at an early age – and the inability of the body to obtain its needs in calcium, phosphate, and other minerals leads to the fragility of teeth and thus increase the rate of cavities. The time factor also plays a role in this regard, as not brushing properly for long periods of time causes tooth decay.

Treatment Of Tooth Cavity

The tooth cavity becomes painful and must be treated immediately so that the pain does not get worse and worse. There are various ways to treat tooth decay, including treatment with fluoride, composite fillings, nerve and root canal treatment, tooth extraction, or dental coverage with crown and repair of the damaged teeth.

In order to avoid tooth decay, it is important to clean our teeth from cavities by brushing before and after eating, visiting the dentist regularly, drinking tap water that contains fluoride, and refraining from eating sweeteners and foods that contain carbohydrates.

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